Princess and artist: Fahrelnissa Zeid

Today I will tell you about an amazing artist I found yesterday in the online resources of the Tate Museum.

This is the Turkish Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid (1901-1991), one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, with magnificent abstract works.

This incredibly gifted woman has had an incredible life.

A real princess, part of an elite Ottoman family. After the establishment of the modern Turkish state she was one of the first women to study art in the Academy of Fine Arts for Women, in Istanbul.

During his first marriage with a Turkish writer she gave birth to three children. Her biggest son died of scarlet fever very little. During her first marriage she attended a lot of European museums and galleries to study art from the great painters, and attended art schools in Paris and in Istanbul.

Her life went in a completely different direction after her divorce.

She married to the Iraqi Prince Zeid bin Hussein, who was appointed the first Ambassador of the Kingdom of Iraq in Germany in 1935 year.  After the annexation of Austria in March 1938, Prince Zeid and his family were recalled to Iraq and the family began to live in Baghdad.

Being a cosmopolitan, she got depressed and spent the next few years travelling between Paris, Budapest, and Istanbul, attempting to immerse herself in painting. Her first solo exhibition was carried out in 1945 in their home in Istanbul.

The years after the Second World War are full of vicissitudes for the Princess Fahrelnissa and her relatives.

Her husband managed to save herself and his family after the military coup in Iraq when the entire royal family was assassinated.  Prince Zeid bin Hussein and his family have lived in London and Paris. After the dead of her husband, she moved to live with her son in Amman in 1975.

The last decades of her life Princess Fahrelnissa Zeid established the Royal National Jordanian Art Institute, bearing her name. She changed the style of painting  in her late decades and made a few abstract works. She painted a lot of portraits of her family and friends in a very expressive manner and invented a new style of art, experimenting compositions with painted bird bones on canvas.

It is curious that after moving to Amman, she is almost forgotten by the art circles worldwide. The world remembered again her only in 2008 year. Since then, exhibitions of her works were carried out in London, Berlin and Istanbul.

Look at this fabulous picture.

What a iridescent rich colour palette. The warm golden, red and pink of the flowers and the fruits. The vivid green of the leaves and the trees. The deep blue of the sky.

The unexpected vortexes of the wind and the caressing rays of the sun. The intertwined threads of life paths.

Wealth. Abundance. Fertility. Transformation.

The title of the work is Karma bir doğurganlık. The karma of the abundance. What a fabulous karma!

Fahrelnissa Zeid was a true princess both in life and in art.

You may enjoy her works in WikiArt.