Ivan Rabuzin – my favourite Croatian naivist

In the recent years I have discovered for myself the naive art. I am particularly impressed by the Croatian naive art, and among the Croatian naive painters I consider my favorite Ivan Rabuzin (1921-2008).

Born in a small village in the Croatian Zagorje and trained to become a carpenter, this huge talent becomes one of the flagmen of the European naive art.

His works were displayed in many cities worldwide, just to mention Paris, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Milan, Amsterdam, Zurich, Bratislava, Oslo, Munich, Firenze, Geneva, Bern, Hamburg, Cologne but not only.

I must admit that I was so fascinated by his works that for a while I have copied his pictures into the web site of my company (without asking permission from his heirs, which I am very sorry about!)

Ivan Rabuzin is one of the painters who inspired me to start painting again after more than 30 years of interruption.

I’m thinking why exactly he is my muse? Perhaps because he is a painter of the Balkan nature, in its original, pure and untouched by industrialisation and urbanisation. And I am a child of the Balkans, too.

Look at this picture. It‘s called Orehovec Hills.

In the green wooded hills there are two groups of houses. They are wonderful, those houses, neat and welcoming. Each group is located on a separate hill and is surrounded by a dense green wall. The only way out of the wall is the entrance and the exit for the houses.

No one knows if these houses are part of the same village, or if they are two separate villages? How can one get from the one group to the other? Isn’t there a shorter way? No one knows the answer...

The fields and the meadows around are so fresh and green. The eternal sky is spread over the hills, dotted with many little clouds.

If you want to have a look at the works of Ivan Rabuzin, visit his art portal http://www.rabuzinfineart.com created by his family or the web site of the Croatian Museum of Naive Art.