Winter dreams

2019, Oil on canvas cardboard, H 40 cm W 50 cm

You may order this work on Saatchiart (pricing in EUR), or alternatively at the same price for you, on Etsy (pricing in USD)


The meadow

2017, Oil on canvas, H 40 cm W 60 cm

Summer is leaving – one of my favourite paintings.
When summer is gone, it remains forever in our memories. A magical childhood, the curly trees, the open fence to the meadow. Things that give you the strength to live even in the most difficult days and times.

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Autumn mood

2019, Oil on cardboard, H 60 cm W 40 cm

If you want to buy this painting, please write me to

The painting is with a thin frame in brown, ready to hang on. The delivery is free of charge. This is an original art work, one of a kind. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity. The buyer will receive non-limited in time rights to use and resell this work without the author’s permission.


2019, Oil on canvas, H 60 cm W 50 cm

If you are interested to buy this work, please write me at

This is an original artwork. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity, giving the buyer non-limited in time rights to use or resell the painting without the author’s permission.

The canvas is sticked to a light wooden frame. The painting could be addionally framed at the request of the byuer.