About me

Sometimes the path to the art is long, so was mine.

I was born almost 53 years ago in a small town near Sofia, the capital of the small country Bulgaria which is located in the middle of the Balkan peninsula in Europe.

Five years ago no one of my relatives and friends could guess that I might paint and even wanted to become a painter. No one thought that it is not just an empty word or just an emotional idea, but a long year dream of mine.

It took me a lot of time to come to this point, indeed. I graduated from the Sofia University with a master degree in mathematics and software engineering. I spent more than 20 years in the software business taking positions of marketing specialist and business development manager. Three years ago I just started my own private firm to give business consultancy. One could very easily predict my future professional life.

But… Happy we, there is always some good sign of Fortune in our lives.

I returned one day from a business trip abroad, and while resting for some days at home, something very strong in me told me that I should start painting. I should start painting again.

I have taken private lessons in painting as a kid. My teacher was one of the best artists in my home town at that time. My paintings participated in common art exhibitions abroad. I even gave radio interviews about my exhibited paintings.

All these years I have always dreamt to become a painter.

So while staying at home after my return from London with many business thoughts in my head, as usual, I suddenly took paper, tempera and brush, and that’s how all began. It seemed a little bit emotional but it wasn’t.

Since then, I paint almost every single day.

I have over 200 art works finished, mostly landscapes and still life. I work mostly with oil and canvas. I am happy that I have already succeeded to carry out my first solo exhibition and took part in five group exhibitions in my hometown.

I am very grateful to my beloved ones for their dedicated support in my art work – my son, his father and my lovely daughter in law.

I will be more than happy if you decide to have my art at your home or office. If you are interested in a particular painting or have a suggestion for collaboration in your art projects, please write me to pkozarova@gmail.com


Featured Work

Pavlina Kozarova

The old house

Pavlina Kozarova


Pavlina Kozarova

Road in the forest

Pavlina Kozarova

Winter melody

Pavlina Kozarova

March rhapsody

Pavlina Kozarova



My blog and essays

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