Georgi Baev and the Sea

Georgi Baev (1924-2007) is among my favourite Bulgarian painters.

He is born in the seaside town of Bourgas, grew up there and spent his lifetime painting the Sea. I love the sea and I’m interested specifically in the painters who love the sea. Although Bulgaria is a sea country, there are not so much marine painters here.

In his works loneliness and masculine strength could be felt.

The colours are saturated and even their nuances are strong. The Sea is calm, without excitement and with no waves, and is somehow unnecessary quiet. The boats are off the water. The sailors are gone. The houses stay lonely as abandoned, without people around them. Lacking movement, lacking perspective.

There’s quiet sadness in his works.

Why was he so sad and lonely? Who was so much irritated with his quiet pictures? Why was his atelier lit in 1983 with so many paintings burned?

Unanswered questions.