Suli Seferov – the beautiful and sad Balkan story

For an artist, born and raised in Bulgaria, the heart of the Balkans, it is probably logical to paint fairy tales. We that belong to the 1940s and 1960s generations here grew up with the magic tales of our grandparents, mixed on this territory as bread.

Maybe that’s why so much and for so long I like Suli Seferov (born 1943) and his wonderful paintings. Each of his works brings me back in the years and slows my breath.

Soft and pastel colours. Mysterious and subtle shapes.

The animals from our legends and the animals from the old Bulgarian daily life in one. Flying white horses, donkeys, cocks singing, owls, magpies, white doves…

The flowers and the fruits of our lovely Balkan nature, so beautiful, so precious. The grapes, the rosehips, the sunflowers, the olives, the apple (of sin?)…

The kids – the beautiful fruits of our Love…

I myself have grown up with these tales. I remember how my rounded and slightly limping grandmother was telling me and my cousins such endless stories until we all felt asleep. She was speaking so sweet and charming that I remembered every word of her.

Will we succeed in bringing our fairy heritage to the future?

You could have a look at the works of Suli Seferov at his web site.