The Persian girl of Martiros Sarian

Martiros Sarian (18801972) is an Armenian artist who I found for myself recently thanks to Wikipedia.

This artist of the East, known primarily in his native Armenia and in Russia, is undoubtedly a great name in the world fine arts of the 20th century.

His paintings grabbed my eyes straight away. Clear and warm colours. Confident and somewhat challenging forms. Eastern mystique and simplicity at the same time. Horizon and internal focus. A triumph of the light. 

Martiros Sarian has travelled much as most of the great artists since before the First World War. His works are an incredible art snapshot of the East at that time – colourful, delicate, humane.

It was a great pleasure finding this artist. In every picture of him I found something very, very mine. It’s like a fairy meeting with the childhood.

Look at this beautiful Persian girl.

Doesn’t she remind you of an Egyptian princess? Is she shy or challenging? Is she sad, or is she going to look at you every moment and give you a smile? Would she be prettier if we could see her neck and hair?

Questions without answers.

A wonderful time before the terrible wars of the 20th century, when a man could travel anywhere without fear and paint freely without worry.

Beautiful signs of the mankind’s culture.