Gabrielle Münter – my lovely artist in the Blue Rider group

She’s an artist I didn’t know anything about until a few months ago. The partner in life of Vassily Kandinsky in the period when he lived and worked in Germany and part of the Blue Rider art group.

Gabrielle Münter (1877-1962) has lived for most of his life in Bavaria, in a small house with a lovely flower garden. After the breakup with Kandinsky, she has experienced a great personal crisis and for some time she has not worked at all. She has sent him some of his works, painted while they had been together. The rest she kept in her Bavarian house by hiding them during the Nazi times, when the German expressionists have been confined and unloved.

I like her courage to be herself at a time when the artists were forced to comply with the political constraints imposed on them. I like her character to be herself in this still predominantly male world of fine arts.

I adore her Bavarian landscapes, like pieces of a fairy-tale world, pure and childishly naive.

I like a lot of her paintings. Look at this one – it’s called the Breakfast of the birds. A woman sits face-to-window and is having a breakfast, watching the breakfast of the birds outside. The snow has gently embraced the tree. She’s calm and thoughtful. The birds are beautiful, but it seems to be cold outside. She herself looks like a frozen bird in the winter. Sometimes life is sad.

You can see some of her works at Wikiart.